SLIG Intermediate Foundations Scholarship


SLIG created the SLIG Scholarship for First-Time Institute Attendees in 2016 after talking with many individuals at conferences that had never even heard of an institute, let alone attended one. The scholarship was designed with the "beyond beginning, but still transitioning to an intermediate level" researcher in mind.

Through the application review process, we quickly found that there are a wide variety of "first-timers" with varying levels of research backgrounds and years of experience. While the scholarship has helped several excellent researchers attend their first institute, we were left with a gap in our attempt to reach out to those still trying to get that strong intermediate foundation under their feet.

The result is a more clear, but broader definition of First Time Attendee Scholarship application parameters, and the creation of this new, additional scholarship to reach out to those who helped us create the original vision.

We are pleased to now offer two "first-time" scholarships to SLIG programs—this one to the SLIG Virtual Intermediate Foundations course that will run in the fall of 2021.

Who may apply:

While any individual who meets the qualifications may apply, the successful candidate most likely just found out in the last two years that institutes even exist. They are mostly self-taught, have been utilizing a variety of educational resources to build their skills and knowledge base, and are ready for a more in-depth educational experience. They are no longer beginners, but either do not yet have that strong foundation to identify themselves as an intermediate-level researcher, or feel the need to identify and fill some gaps. Applicants should meet the following qualifications:

  1. They have not yet attended, nor will they be attending, any of the national genealogical institutes, prior to SLIG Intermediate Foundations, Fall 2021.
  2. They are experienced in basic genealogical research; confidently use census, vital, and a variety of other record sources to identify ancestors and confirm relationships; and have begun to build upon those skills.
  3. They have utilized a variety of educational opportunities—from conferences to books to webinars—to strengthen their knowledge, but still feel there are gaps to fill.
  4. They are ready for an in-depth, full-length institute course experience.
  5. They have at least five (5) or more hours available each week to complete the required homework for this course.
  6. They have reviewed the course description and outline to identify how this course will help them meet their educational objectives.

What the scholarship includes:

The successful applicant will receive a pre-reserved seat in the course Fall 2021 SLIG Virtual Intermediate Foundations and a full tuition waiver. This course will both introduce them to institute-level education and help prepare them to attend future institute courses.

The scholarship does not include the cost of required textbooks if not yet owned, or technology required to successfully complete the course.

Applicants are asked to submit the following via email to the SLIG Director:

  1. A short essay outlining why you feel you are eligible to receive this scholarship.
  2. A short paragraph about your research experience and records used.
  3. A list of previous genealogy education programs or conferences attended.

Applications are due June 1, 2021.

Previous Winners (listed by year attended)

2020: Paula Hansen of Sandy, Utah
2019: Carly Morgan of Murray, Utah