SLIG First-Time Institute Attendee

Any past institute participant will testify to the in-depth educational benefits offered by an institute. Many consider an institute to be the foundation of their ongoing genealogical education program. But not everyone has had the ability to take advantage of this unique type of educational opportunity—whether due to limited funds, work restrictions, preparation, or just not knowing that institutes exist.

The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) inaugurated this scholarship in 2016 to help first-time attendees defray the costs of attending their first institute.

Who may apply:

Applicants for this scholarship recognize it is time to elevate their genealogical education, and they want to do so at SLIG. They may be self-taught or educated through formal programs. They may be fairly new to genealogical research or have been researching for over thirty years. Regardless of level of experience, applicants must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  1. They have not yet attended, nor will be attending, any of the national genealogical institutes prior to SLIG 2025.
  2. They have previously sought to improve their genealogical knowledge through any combination of the following: attending regional or national conferences, webinars, online courses, college courses, or a structured personal reading program.
  3. They have achieved an intermediate (or above) level of research knowledge and skills,* and are ready for an in-depth learning experience.
  4. They have identified a course offered at SLIG 2025 that meets their ongoing educational objectives.

What the scholarship includes:

  • A pre-reserved seat in a SLIG 2025 course of choice, and full-tuition waiver for that course.

Applicants are asked to submit the following using the form provided below (available January 1, 2024):

  1. A brief statement on why you feel you are qualified to receive this award.
  2. A statement (one to two paragraphs) indicating what you hope to gain from your first institute experience.
  3. A short essay (less than one page) outlining why you want to further your genealogical education (save to PDF).
  4. A list of previous genealogy education programs or conferences attended.
  5. The name of the course you hope to attend, and why you have chosen that course.

Applications are due May 1, 2024.

* Self-evaluated; please contact us for measurement suggestions if needed.
**The lodging benefit applies only to a reservation made by SLIG in the staff block. The winner may choose the room type, and may elect to share the room if desired. This benefit is forfeited if other lodging arrangements are made. Other travel costs are not included.

Previous Winners (listed by year awarded)

2024: Candace Marx of Aurora, Illinois
2023: Jeanette Weiden of Grand Haven, Michigan
2022: Scott Allen Magoon of Choctaw, Oklahoma
2021: Yvette Smithson Holmes of Herndon, Kentucky
2020: Jamie Wasilchenko of Newaygo, Michigan
2019: Julie DeFrancesco of Bozeman, Montana
2018: Jennifer Grimm Henricksen of Orem, Utah
2017: Emily Kowalski Schroeder of Brownsburg, Indiana
2016: Cheri Hudson Passey of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina