Registration & Cancellation

Registration Account

In order to register for any SLIG program, course, or event (including the addition to a waiting list), you will be required to have a "SLIG Registration Account." You may set up this account any time prior to registering.

The registration system is separate from the UGA membership database. It is used only for program management and registration. To be eligible for a UGA membership discount, you must use the same email address used for your UGA membership account and your membership must be active at the time of registration. If you have registered with the same email as used for your UGA membership, the system will receive through an API your membership status and expiration date; it cannot access or modify any of your membership data.

Only one account is required to register for any SLIG program. Accounts set up beginning with SLIG Virtual 2018 and SLIG/Academy 2019 are active in the system. If your account is not working for any reason, please reach out to the registrar for assistance rather than create another.

At the time you set up this account, you will be required to acknowledge that you agree to our privacy and code of conduct policies.

Once logged into your registration account, you have full access to all past and current registration information. You can also review and update current contact information. We also ask each year that you review and update your account information to ensure it is current. NOTE: The fall 2020 updates include some changes that require your review. They are as follows:

  • Badge name should now include names only. Please remove all previously included postnominals and titles.
  • Certificate name should include all postnominals and titles you wish to have printed on your certificate.
  • Meal preferences are now stored with your profile. If you attended SLIG or Academy in 2020, your choices should be transferred into your profile; please proof for accuracy.
  • While some information is not applicable to a virtual programs, these fields are "required" for all new accounts and prior accounts will require updating to ensure accuracy in the future.


Invoices and confirmations of registration will be sent from the registration system or individually using email "". Other communication may be sent to you from within the system utilizing other addresses ending in Please ensure that your email client includes the SLIG extensions on your safe senders list. If you feel you are not receiving information in a timely manner, please check your junk mail folder and/or search for this extension to mark it as safe.


The following discounts may apply:

  • UGA Membership Discount: *The amount of the discount is unique to each program and may be found on the course description pages relative to that program. Students should ensure that their UGA membership account is active, and that the email utilized for that membership is the same as the email utilized for their SLIG registration account, in order to receive a UGA membership discount with registration. It is recommended that this be completed no less than one day prior to registration to ensure time for the registration system to sync with UGA membership. Retroactively established memberships are not eligible for discounts. Membership status may be checked using the account menu on your SLIG registration home page.
  • Dual-program Discount: *Students attending both SLIG and the SLIG Academy for Professionals will receive a $50 dual-program discount. The discount will be applied during registration for the Academy, assuming a student has first registered for SLIG. It cannot be applied by the system in reverse order, although it may be added by the registrar at a later date in the event of additional registration. Cancellation of either program will result in a reversal of the applied discount.
    • Membership discounts will be applied per course
    • Instead of a dual-program discount, you will receive a dual-course discount. Students may register for one course each week of SLIG, and up to two courses in the Academy. Whenever multiple courses are selected, the discount should be applied.

Payment Policy

Tuition or full invoice, whichever is higher, must be paid in full within 14 days of registration for a program. If registering within 14 days of the start of a program, the invoice must be paid immediately upon registration. Occasional reminder notices will be sent until the invoice is paid in full. Invoices may also be accessed from the registration account home page when logged in.

UGA utilizes PayPal to facilitate credit card and bank draft payments. Checks payable to the Utah Genealogical Association are also accepted; checks should be mailed quickly to ensure receipt within the 14-day window of time.

Failure to pay tuition within 14 days of registration will result in cancellation of the registration and assessment of the $75 administrative fee. In the event of a renewed registration for the same program, the fee may be reduced to $25, but not waived. Any unpaid administrative fees will remain on account and must be paid before future registrations will be accepted.

SLIG reserves the right to refuse registration to any participant who refuses to comply with published registration, privacy, and code of conduct policies. Notification will be made and tuition managed in accordance with the published cancellation policy and deadlines.

Cancellation Policy

SLIG cancellation policies are intended to protect the integrity of the programs and meet all financial commitments. We acknowledge that last-minute changes may occur due to illness or accident and encourage participants to consider purchasing travel insurance (to include the cost of tuition and lodging) if they feel they might be at risk of canceling after the cancellation deadline or after arrival.

  • SLIG and SLIG Academy: Cancellations received by 11:59 pm Mountain Time, November 30 prior to the event, will receive a refund less a $75 administrative fee. Where cancellation in one program is pursuant to registration in another, the administrative fee may be reduced to $25. No refunds or program change credits will be issued for cancellations received after that date; registrants will receive a printed syllabus by mail after the program has ended.

  • EXCEPTIONS for 2021:
    • Syllabi will be distributed electronically. A print syllabus may be ordered; that order may not be cancelled after November 30.
    • The cancellation deadline for the Academy will be extended to 11:59 pm Mountain Time, December 30. The SLIG deadline remains the same.
    • Because SLIG and Academy are not back-to-back programs this year and have distinctly separate budgets and requirements, the reduced fee to transfer from one program to another does not apply.
  • SLIG Virtual (Fall only) programs: Cancellations received 30 days prior to the first meeting day of the event, 11:59 pm Mountain time will receive a refund less a $50 administrative fee. After that date, registrants will receive an electronic syllabus, but no refund will be issued.
  • Other Events and Workshops: Cancellations received by 11:59 pm Mountain Time, December 30 prior to the event, will receive a refund less a $20 administrative fee. After that date, registrants will receive materials electronically, but no refund will be issued.
  • Cancellation requests must be made in writing (
  • No exceptions can be made for late cancellation or early departure.
  • Fees paid are not transferrable.

Acknowledgment of this policy, and agreement to abide by it, will be required in order to register for any program.