Your privacy is important to us. We will never sell your data. We will not provide your data to any outside party without your specific acknowledgment and consent. You have the right to manage the information stored in the SLIG registration or lodging reservation systems at any time.

The Utah Genealogical Association (UGA) privacy policy may be found here. The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG), an entity of UGA, abides by the policy referenced above. Additionally, due to the nature of our programs and the necessity to obtain separate registration and lodging reservation data, we clarify the following.

SLIG Registration Account: The information stored in this account will include your personal contact details such as name, badge and certificate name, address, email, and phone. Additionally, it will store information about the programs for which you register, along with related selections, special requests, and transactions. No credit card information is stored; all transactions are facilitated through PayPal or Square; participants may also mail in a check.

In order to facilitate management and processing, your account and program registration information may be accessed by the SLIG registration team, SLIG director, UGA Administrator, and registration program developer. Other use of your information is outlined below.

Registration for any SLIG program implies the following permissions are granted:

  • To contact you as needed concerning your registration, the course, and the related events or options for which you are registered.
  • To provide your name, email address, city/state/country, and phone number if necessary, to the course coordinator for course management, and to individuals or entities responsible for responding to special requests.
  • If registered for a virtual course, to provide full contact information to the technical coordinator for potential emergency use.
  • To include your name, email address, and city/state/country on a printed or digital list of students in the course for which you are registered; last-minute course movement may result in being included in more than one list.
  • If special services are requested, to provide information to committee members, facility, and suppliers as needed to support those requests.

Programs – Opt-in permission will be required to:

  • Be included on a list of all program participants, or in any app used for networking or course facilitation purposes.
  • Receive communication from organizations hosting events related to the SLIG program for which you have registered (see “Official and Unofficial Events”).

SLIG e-news:

  • You will be automatically added to our monthly e-news if you live in the United States. Others must opt-in to have your name and email included in the SLIG e-news mailing list.
  • If your name was previously included on this list as the result of prior attendance or other inclusion, you may opt-out by following the instructions provided both in account set-up and at the bottom of all email newsletters.

SLIG Lodging Reservations:

  • SLIG lodging will be managed by Passkey, a lodging reservation program with access provided by Hilton, which will collect contact information, special requests, and lodging preferences. It is not linked to the UGA membership module or SLIG Registration module. Your data must be entered and will be stored separately.
  • Lodging data will only be provided to the hotel for which you reserve lodging. It may also be accessed by the SLIG registration team, hospitality committee, and director, as required for the proper management of the system.

General Photography: SLIG reserves the right to photograph participants in the classroom and at events for promotional purposes, and to publish said photographs in any format - digital or print - during or following the program without payment of compensation. Also, in a program of this size your image may be inadvertently included in photos and social media posts by other participants. It is your responsibility to notify the photographer if you do not wish to be included.

Official and Unofficial Events:

SLIG offers many opportunities for networking, learning, and researching. As such, we frequently offer special events such as a plenary session, banquet, or “SLIG Day at the FHL.” We additionally receive many requests to host functions for our participants, such as receptions or research open houses.