Your privacy is important to us. We will never sell your data. We will not provide your data to any outside party without your specific acknowledgment and consent. You have the right to manage the information stored in the UGA-SLIG registration system at any time.

UGA Privacy Policy 
The Utah Genealogical Association (UGA) privacy policy may be found here. SLIG, an entity of UGA, abides by the policy referenced above. Additionally, due to the nature of our programs and the necessity to obtain separate registration data, we clarify the following:

SLIG Registration Account
The information stored in this account will include your personal contact details such as name, address, email, and phone number. Additionally, it will store information about the programs for which you register, special requests, and transactions. No credit card or bank account information is gathered. To facilitate management and processing, your account and program registration information may be accessed by the SLIG Committee. Additional use of your information is outlined below.

Permissions granted
Registration for any program implies that you have granted the following permissions

  • To provide full contact and other relevant information to SLIG Committee members, coordinators, and faculty to contact you as needed concerning your account, course registration, related events or options for which you are registered, special services, and potential emergency use, and to have any of such persons to contact you.
  • To provide relevant information for requested special services to facility and suppliers as needed to support those requests.
  • To include your name, email address, and city, state/province, and country on a digital roster of students in a course for which you are registered; last-minute changes to your enrollment may result in being included in more than one roster.

Opt-In Permissions
Opt-in permission will be required:

  • To be included on a list of all program participants.
  • To receive communication from organizations (SLIG or otherwise) who host events for which you have registered. SLIG may offer program-related opportunities for networking, learning, and researching. We additionally receive requests from other organizations to host functions for our participants.

SLIG E-news, SLIG Blog, UGA E-News
SLIG attendees must opt-in with your name and email to receive the SLIG E-News, the SLIG Blog, and the UGA E-News. Once opted-in, you can opt-out by following the instructions at the bottom of all email newsletters

General Photography/Videography
SLIG reserves the right to photograph or video participants in the classroom (virtual or otherwise) and at events for promotional purposes, and to publish such photographs or video in any format (including digital or print) during or following the program without payment or compensation. Also, in some events your image may be inadvertently included in photos and social media posts by other participants. It is your responsibility to notify the photographer if you do not wish to be included.

Virtual events may be recorded and made available to view following the program. Your participation may be captured as part of the recording. Chat threads may be saved for personal use only; they may not be distributed or shared.