Chinese Ancestry

Kelly Summers, MS, AG

Kelly Summers, MS, AGLearn about the records, tools and resources needed to discover Chinese ancestry. Identify records that may contain the original Chinese family name character and the location in China where the Chinese ancestral family originated. Locate and examine Chinese Clan Genealogies (Jiapu) and practice extracting important genealogical information. Gather and organize resources to use when helping others with Chinese genealogical research.

This course is geared toward the individual with Chinese ancestry or the librarian that assists those with Chinese ancestry. Chinese language ability not needed.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify records that may contain genealogical information of a Chinese ancestor
  • Conduct an Oral History Interview to obtain historical and genealogical information
  • Locate and use appropriate collections to identify the correct Chinese surname character and ancestral village location
  • Understand the history and organization of the Chinese genealogy (Jiapu)
  • Recognize and extract key genealogical information found in the Chinese genealogy
  • Document and Organize genealogical information using technology
  • Understand the considerations for planning a trip to the Chinese ancestral village

Level of Instruction

Beginner to Intermediate