6th Annual SLIG Colloquium

Saturday, January 18, 2020, 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

The colloquium brings together thought leaders of the industry to present and discuss key genealogical topics - the big picture or theoretical underpinnings of what we do in an effort to create a greater understanding of the tenets of genealogy. This invitational event will be held on Saturday, January 18th, from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm.

  • Papers will be presented, discussed by a panel of experts, then discussion opened to those attending.
  • Proceedings will be printed in the Spring issue of Crossroads for all UGA members to read and enjoy.
  • Attendance includes SLIG coordinators, advisory committee and instructors, leaders from national organizations, and the industry in general. A limited number of seats are open to UGA members upon application.
Time Description
9:00 am Registration, beverages
9:15 am
Welcome and Introductions, Peg Ivanyo, SLIG director
Rules and Procedures, Craig Scott, founder and facilitator
9:30 am
"Strategies to Analyze Endogamous DNA"
Alec Ferretti, MLS, MA
Panelists: Angie Bush, MS; Karen Stanbary, MA, LCSW, CG; and others to be announced.
This lecture will discuss how best to weed out false-positive DNA Matches that test takers from endogamous groups face daily. Alec will outline the data (both peer-reviewed and crowdsourced) that demonstrates the unique ways in which endogamous populations match each other. Then, by using visualizations such as RootsFinder, DNA Painter, and Genetic Affairs, he will illustrate webs of interrelationships of endogamous test takers and identify genetic pile-up regions. Although there is no surefire method as of yet to remove false matches, by having a better understanding of endogamy, we can better analyze match data.
10:15 am Beverage Break (time approximate) Discussion and Q&A to follow
11:45 am Closing Remarks


Alec Ferretti, MLS, MA

Alec Ferretti, MLS, MA

Alec is a soon-to-be graduate of NYU’s Archives & Library Science Dual-Degree Masters Program, a genealogist with the Wells Fargo Family & Business History Program, and a Board Member of Reclaim the Records, a nonprofit organization which seeks to restore public access to genealogical documents. He is also the President of the New York Genealogy & Technology Group, an informal organization which facilitates bi-monthly lectures and discussions.