SLIG Registration FAQ

What does the registration fee cover?

The answer to this question differs with each SLIG program. Details for each are outlined below:


Registration includes course tuition, print and digital syllabus, reception, banquet, mid-morning breaks, shuttle bus to/from the FHL, and participation in SLIG Day at the FHL (Saturday following SLIG). Tickets are required for the reception, banquet, and classes offered at SLIG Day, so you will be asked to add them to your registration when we open special events, but no additional fee will be charged for those events.

Tuition: $595 regular tuition; $545 UGA member tuition
Some exceptions apply. Please refer to the courses page for further details.

SLIG Academy

Registration includes the course, print and digital syllabus, special commemorative breakfast, and closing luncheon, limited shuttle service to/from the FHL, and participation in SLIG Day at the FHL (Saturday prior to the Academy).

Tuition: $625 regular tuition; $575 UGA member tuition
A $50 discount is applied when also registered for SLIG (must register for SLIG first)

SLIG Virtual

Registration for each of our virtual programs includes the course and digital materials. Other items, if any, will be noted on the respective program webpage. Please refer to each program page for tuition information.

What is not covered?

SLIG Extended

Consultations, workshops, and other events held separately will require additional fees. 

Do I need to register early?

In the words of many famous genealogists, "it depends." With limited seating to assure quality instruction time, one can imagine that some courses fill in a matter of minutes - literally. If you are new to SLIG, please take a serious look at the courses in which you have the most interest and strongly consider coming to the registration table right at the beginning - just in case.

How do I register?

There Are Three Steps To Registration

  1. If you haven't already, you will need to set up a "SLIG Registration" account prior to registration day (SLIG > Registration > Register). Instructions may be found here. This will provide a centralized location for you to manage your registration information for all SLIG programs. Please note: If you are a UGA member, you must use the same email address used on your UGA account to assure the member discount.
  2. Once you are logged in, and when a SLIG program opens for registration, a "Register Now" button will appear on the SLIG Registration page. Click on "Register Now", select your course, select any waiting lists on which you wish to be placed, check a couple of "I agree or give permission" boxes, finish and pay. No special event choices to slow you down. 
  3. For SLIG and SLIG Academy: You may then use the separate link provided to make special events selections
  4. If you have registration account issues, please scroll back to the top of this page to review the Registration Process" instructions; then contact the registrar for additional assistance as needed.

Be Prepared For Registration

  • For SLIG/Academy: Please review the courses and have both a first and second choice course in mind.
  • For All: Please read through all of the SLIG policies prior to registering to assure you can quickly reply to any questions presented.
  • If you are a UGA member, please make sure your UGA membership is current prior to registration for any program to assure the member discount may be applied; discounts will not be retroactively extended.

Registration Opens

  • SLIG: July 13, 2019, 9:00 am MDT
  • SLIG Academy: July 13, 2019, 2:00 pm MDT
  • SLIG Virtual: June 15, 2019, 11:00 am MDT

What if the course I want is full?

Make sure you select the "Add to Wait List" option to add yourself to the waiting list for that course. Requests are date and time stamped; students are contacted in the order submitted when openings become available. You may add yourself to multiple wait lists, but will need to decide to act or pass on each opportunity individually as it is presented.

What are the general SLIG prerequisites and how do I meet them?

  1. All SLIG courses require an intermediate-level of genealogical knowledge and research skills in order to benefit from the course. This criterion is self-assessed.
  2. Due to the increasing demand for more advanced courses, SLIG no longer offers an intermediate U.S. research course to help new students fulfill the requirement outlined in item 1. If you feel additional education is needed, please consider taking our new virtual SLIG course "Intermediate Foundations", an intermediate course at IGHR or GRIP, or outline a personal education plan using publications, conferences, webinars, and other resources.

How do I select the best course for me?

  1. Consider personal educational goals. The course descriptions and outlines will help you determine if the course is the right fit for your needs.
  2. Consider time commitment. Some courses include homework. While some is required and some optional, the full value of the course is best realized with completion.
  3. Review equipment requirements, if any. Some courses require access to a laptop, and some require specific software to be installed prior to the event. (If electrical access is provided in your course, it will be noted.) Otherwise, charging stations will be provided in SLIG Central, but if you are a heavy laptop user, you may wish to consider bringing a charger. 
  4. Consider the instruction level and complexity. Courses are grouped by topic rather than the level of difficulty; if the course requires more than an intermediate level of research skill, the instruction level will be noted. Additionally, the course prerequisites will help you determine additional preparation required.

When is on-site registration?


On-site registration will open at 2:30 pm on Sunday, 12 January 2020, and will close for the orientation and welcome reception at 5:30 pm. Registration will open again from 7:00 to 8:20 am Monday morning.

SLIG Academy

On-site registration will open at 4:00 pm on Sunday, 20 January 2020.

Registration Policies


Payment is due within 14 days of registration or your seat in the course will be released. If you choose to pay via credit card, you will be presented a PayPal payment screen, or you may pay using the invoice available on your SLIG Registration Account dashboard. You do not need a PayPal account. If you have issues with PayPal, please contact

If you choose to mail a check, your check must be received and funds available for deposit within 14 days of registration. Checks should be made payable to Utah Genealogical Association and sent to PO Box 1144, Salt Lake City, UT 84110.

Member Rates

UGA Members must use the same email associated with their UGA membership account to set up and maintain their SLIG registration account, and have an active membership on the date of registration in order to receive discounted tuition rates for any program.


To avoid confusion due to having policies posted in two places, we kindly ask that you read the cancellation policy posted on the SLIG Policies page.


You will receive an email confirmation immediately upon completion of your registration. At a later date, you will receive a welcome letter and additional information from SLIG.

You may also receive information from your course coordinator concerning homework and other prerequisites in the weeks just prior to SLIG.


Lodging reservations should be made using the separate link on this website to assure you receive the Institute group rate and related benefits. Please refer to the Lodging Information page (coming soon!) for further instructions.

Contact Us

Should you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact us: